Posted: 30. April 2013 in Allgemein

XY - May - Vision -S&Fbeast piercing xy roomNovacane La Fem Hem Dress Adcup nom gatcha ad xyroom{PopTart} Ringy Pop Gacha PIXEP - Walking On A Dream._cut here_. DW Tank Top Gatcha (AD)xyroom ryuukou wrap top displayBoard-Livia Black GACHA._cut here_. TARDIS Dress (Ad)YK - NoNamedress blackwhite-Dotties- Dress Beauty XYROOM Gatcha Special_Anymore@XYROOMoO{VF}Oo- Skyline Sweater Tees Gatcha XYRoomShape ~ Babbie ~ XYROOMSingle Vanity XYroomVelocity Girls Gatcha Vendor PicXYAdShape ~ Grant ~ XYROOMVG SHOES XY ROOM ROUND 2Shape ~ Alexia ~ XYROOMoO{VF}Oo- Junip Dress for XYRoom__CALAVERA__ MESH RING _DIRTY_Shape ~ Andrew ~ XYROOMpinkpumpsleggings&top XYROOMPersefona Royal Rose for XYROOM MayVelocity Mens Gatcha Vendor Pic-Pin me up-Poses I hidePersefona  Gacha Prizes for XYROOM May-Orr- Tee Drop Bass XYROOM Gatcha SpecialOpal_Donut ringsLUAS KAWAII PENDANT CLOCK (Gatcha)oO{VF}Oo- Pomp Outfit for XYRoomOpal_Chocolate donut ring512rebell boots xy roomIOS for XYROOM MayM&M Body Shapes Set Bad&MilkLoordes of London-Pure Contagion II-YBP -XYROOMAlterEgoDressAdforXYfiend-wordybraceletsgachaXYROOMVanity MakeOver{Paradise Kiss} XYROOM-MiaLoordes of London-Pure Contagion II-GGB-XYROOMM&M Body Shapes Danger OutfitDARK BLOOD _Kitty Shoes_ XYROOM EXCLUSIVE

xyroom ryuukou bag display-Dotties- Frill Tops Nerdie Cat XYRoom Gatcha SpecialLUAS ANIMAL SHIRTS[^.^Ayashi^.^] XYROOM - kin hair{Paradise Kiss} XYROOM-Nil_Sugar_ Satin Skater Skirt Promo[yulicie] xroom april gatcha cups - 85l _Sugar_ Kitten Me Outfit Promo._Panda Punx_. Myki Shape_Sugar_ Satin Skater Skirt Key._Panda Punx_. XYROOM GATCHA SHAPES[^.^Ayashi^.^] XYROOM - Asuna hair__CALAVERA__ MESH RING _BITCH_


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