XYROOM FEBRUARY 1. – 20. All items are exclusiv and under 100 L$

Posted: 31. January 2013 in Allgemein

welldone.atelier_ Gold-HeelXYRWunderland - Mustaki Shirt _for XYroom_Wertina Cynthia Fuchsia Dress XYROOMWertina Wedge Boots Red XYROOMXY AntoinetteJOrdan

klubwerk-jade-and-caballero-vendorwelldone.atelier_ Gold-HeelXYBUma sweatersThe Random Bunny XYROOM Lucky Shirts Zebra L&DPersefona Sweet Heart with Bow for XYROOM januaryThe Random Bunny XYROOM Lucky Shirts SkeletonPersefona Felt Mix for XYROOM januaryoO{VF}Oo- The Girls (XY Room Exclusive 1)Useful Things2 XY RoomKlubwerk-love-sick-vendoroO{VF}Oo- Candy Girl (XY Room Exclusive 2)M&M Body Shapes Roxanne-XYM&M Body Shapes Eat Me Top-XYYK - NoNamedress blackwhiteEP - Stache And Shout _XYPROMO_LOORDES OF LONDON-KAINUS II-AUBERGINE-XY RoomFROSTING!! Sexy Mesh Cowl Dress Red Black XYROOMIcons Of Style for XYROOMFrozen - Coffee Cup posesAVISAGE - ALICIA  Fair -  Berry - xyroom1 Hundred. Cadence Top. Pink XYAmber Skin 1960s Ad - Style by KiraYK - Sandy furjacket charcoal XY RoomAmber Skin 1970s Ad - Style by Kira{ViSion} -S&F - Mesh Blouse Xara - pic~Sassy!~ Madison set for XYRoomAVISAGE- ALICIA Sunkiss smokey  xyroomDiny  Earrings - charme XYROOMdiva dress mesh xy~Sassy!~ Simply Me set for XYRoom+HUHU+ XTROOM Long Shirt Short Sleeve+HUHU+XTROOM Denim-Skinny-Jeans-Purple_PosESioN_ Hamlet Couple Pose AD  XY{PopTart} Glitterpulse Skirt photo__[annaA]__ Skin_Shape _ Gennyfa sick pure_ XYROOM Feb_Anymore@XYROOM[y] Fresh Summer Set[y] SleepshirtEP - Bring Me Your Love _XYPROMO_._Panda Punx._ 8 Eyeliners-XY Feb2013LOORDES OF LONDON-KAINUS II-SCARLET-XY Room._Panda Punx._ Isabella Shape-XY Feb2013[MC]-Jamie-Skin-Ad-XYROOM._cheeky_. Love Top! AD _XY ROOM_!Mamba-Lips_SetC+D (XY)(piccara) Combi Dress v2 XY.__YoPulga__. Military Green Top (Pic)


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